Debt in America

The U.S. economy may be strengthening, but by one measure Americans are flunking the basics of personal finance. Credit card debt is ballooning, leaving American households with a net increase of $57.1 billion in new credit card debt in 2014, according to a new survey from CardHub. The credit card comparison site said it’s forecasting […]

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Immigration Facts

Immigration has been a constant source of economic vitality and demographic dynamism throughout our nation’s history. Immigrants are taxpayers, entrepreneurs, job creators, and consumers. But the immigration system is broken and in need of an overhaul. Although the U.S. border is now more secure than ever, decades of ever-increasing border and interior enforcement have exacerbated […]

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Business 101

Running your own business demands a lot of perseverance and determination. This often leaves little time to deal with the legal issues that constantly plague small businesses. Having a business law attorney on your side can make a huge difference in the day-to-day operations of your business, helping you deal with a wide range of […]

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Facts About Family Law

In a recent State Farm Insurance commercial, a young woman says to a young gentleman, “You can’t put anything on the Internet that is not true.”  He asks her where she heard that, and in unison, they exclaim, “the Internet!”  The Internet is available to most people and given that nearly 50% of all marriages […]

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Criminal Law Facts

A criminal case begins with an arrest. An arrest must be based on probable cause. This means that the arresting office must have sufficient facts to believe that the defendant has committed a crime. Crimes in NH are categorized at different levels of seriousness: Violations – Non-criminal offenses such as a traffic tickets. These offenses […]

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When A Real Estate Lawyer Is Needed

Real estate attorneys oversee the legal work involved in buying or selling property to ensure the interests and rights of the client are preserved. A buyer’s attorney checks the sales contract, or the legal document committing the buyer to purchase the home, to make sure the buyer is protected. The attorney checks the title, or […]

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